IPIA is a newly established trade association formed from a revival of the highly effective International Private Energy Association (IPEA) of the 90’s and as a complement to the International Private Water Association (IPWA). The impetus for forming IPIA is the $60 billion plus decline since 1997 in annual private capital invested in developing economy infrastructure.
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IPIA was established in 2004 as a membership association to reverse the 77% decline from 1998 to 2002 in financial institution lending for infrastructure in emerging economies. World Bank figures confirm a decline in annual private infrastructure investment from $120 billion per year in 1997 to $64 billion in 2004. IPIA’s solution is country-based debt guarantees in the form of Payment Contingency Funds (PCF’s). IPIA’s customized Payment Contingency Funds provide a first tier of debt insurance backed by re-insurance. The result is re-enabling of non-recourse project financing.

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